The new label with a stylish take on sustainable fashion

Designer Louise Scott-Smith’s vision is for us to invest in special pieces of clothing we’ll cherish forever. We talk with her about her new label, A Printed Wardrobe, and her plans to make fashion more sustainable by rekindling our love of what we wear…

Silver foil Maria La Rosa socks and George Keburia cat eye sunglasses (accessories model's own)

How to wear statement socks

How to navigate the sartorial phenomenon of socks with sandals. For the uninitiated, adding a pair of socks to your outfit is amazing way to reinvigorate your wardrobe. Whatever the footwear, a pair of statement socks can transform a conventional look into something tres tres chic.

How Worishofer sandals turned orthopaedic to chic

Worishofer sandals may have been designed by a German podiatrist for maximum comfort, but this orthopaedic footwear has been recognised by those in the know as this summer’s must-have shoe. Tastemakers and Hollywood A-listers such as Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kirsten Dunst, Dakota Fanning, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michelle Williams and MIA are among the luminaries to have been spotted in a pair of these chic but “ridiculously comfortable” sandals

Andy Warhol's off-kilter fashion

Andy Warhol’s Off-Kilter Fashion

Andy Warhol once claimed, “Fashion is more art than art is.” We take a look at the enduring influence of the pop art pioneer’s influence on the fashion world

The idyllic Riviera - a homage to Riviera style by And Special Guests starring Worishofer sandals

Current Mood: Riviera Style

We’re dreaming of the Riviera and immersing ourselves in the most achingly-beautiful summer holiday films of all time

Thing from the Addams Family modelling black nail polish to mark our short history of black nail polish for World Goth Day

Now Wearing: Black Nail Polish

As Coco Chanel once said, “Black has it all.” To celebrate World Goth Day, & Special Guests is remembering some of the significant moments in the history of black nail polish

George Keburia micro cat-eye sunglasses in white, available from the & Special Guests online concept store

Discord & The Aesthetic of Intelligent Clashing

The aesthetic of discord is as prevalent in fashion right now as it’s ever been. We take a look at some of the guiding principles behind intelligent clashing and how to inject elements of discord into your own personal style

The Life Chromatic (A Tribute to Sophie Calle) created by the concept store & Special Guests

Special Guest: Sophie Calle

We enter the strange and cinematic world of French conceptual artist Sophie Calle and pay homage to her provocative, voyeuristic experiments

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